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A portfolio of Jie's artworks and illustrations. Works are done using Photoshop, Manga Studio,  or Painter except, of course, the linearts and sketches which are done using a 2B Faber-Castell.



The Cloud Sea The Sandman: 30 Swell Carson The World Bearer
Harle Ayanami Unit-02 Si Pong Dawn Lake
The Rocketeer Gray Fox Time's Scar Amaterasu Just Passing By
Zenogias Snow Day At Sunset Mad Splat Aigis
To Narshe The Witness Gundam Baymax The Captain's Girl Splatoon
Valley of the Dead God Delphox Kraken Michelangelo For River
Lin Beifong A Song of Water and Fire Hold the Line RATS The High Cost of Living
Winged Donatello Beast Form Daenarys Mog - Practice
po'edhardcore fenris-delyrium tee-hee-haa Depths Raphael
FEZ Male Scout The Blind Bandit Hit-Girl The Bird and the Bat Desert God
Zevran Leonardo Sith Alyinka Thalma Forest Elf



14ngled Del and Barnabas Terra Branford Ha-dou--